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Who doesn’t love tomatoes??

Um, my WHOLE house!!!

What about fresh out of the oven warm sour dough bread?

(A little better there..just hubby doesn’t care for it)  Sounds like a meal to me.

Minced garlic in olive oil…just until it starts to brown.  Set aside.

Now toast some thick sliced bread in a little butter in that same pan.

While that toast is getting pretty, slice your cherry tomatoes in half, and then pour the garlic and oil over the top.  Now add salt and pepper to taste and a tablespoon or so of balsamic vinegar.  Finally add basil and combine.  Take the bread out of the pan and let cool.  Let your tomato mixture sit for 10-15 minutes to hang out and get acquainted.

  (Long enough for a bath and hair washing for my two)

Pile tomato mixture on toast and top with mozzarella shavings.

A wonderful summer dinner for one:)

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Sorry I went missing for while.  Some how the summer consumed me and I got lost in the day to day.  We’ve been busy as I’m sure you have as well.  Even though we’re back to school and trying get back into a routine, we decided to do go on one more weekend adventure before we say goodbye to summer.

Our family trip was to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge Tennessee in the Smokey Mountains (also known as “chicken” forge by my youngest).  One of the places the kids really wanted to visit was the Ripley’s Aquarium.  When buying the tickets, the woman at the counter mentioned a few attractions hoping to engage my girls.  They remained blank faced until the woman mentioned mermaids!  For the next two hours, my oldest couldn’t stop asking when we were going to see the mermaids.   From then on I cursed the woman at the ticket counter because two hours of seeking mermaids by a relentless six year old is torture.  Finally, we exited the exhibits and in the stingray tank…the mermaids began swimming.  I shoved my girls to the front of the glass because the adults had crowded around too? ( Really…come on people. )  After a few minutes both girls had there fill and we ran into …..


  The “mermaid” seemed less than pleased to be there and the young girl taking the photo took no time to hit the button and give me the scanned ticket.  Regardless, my awe struck girls attempted to wave goodbye to this mystical creature as they walked away.  The mermaid at that exact time just happened to quickly look away in the opposite direction.  This almost prompted me to say something, but my girls remained enamored regardless of this young woman’s thoughtfulness.  (I guess I have a pretty high standard when it comes to characters)  Sixteen dollars later my oldest had the picture in hand when she rocked my parental world.

“Mommy, is she a real mermaid?”

“What do you think Emma?”

She looked at the picture, she looked back over towards the mermaid and then looked at me.  With the confidence of a smart first grader and a smile that spanned from ear to ear she answered, “Yes, I think she’s real”.  With that she walked towards my husband to show him her prized photo and left me standing there wishing I too could have that wonderment and innocence of  childhood fantasy.

Do you think Mermaids are real?

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