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Snow….what happened?

Why didn’t you call?

  I thought we had a great time last year, was it just me?

  I miss you so….and the way you shut down my town so easily with just an inch of your frosty fantabulous flakes.  Oh how I yearn for a snow day.

My oldest asked me a week or so ago if it was going to snow.  She really wanted it to snow.  Well, I think I’m giving up hope as well since this past weekend we had short sleeves, sunglasses and the windows down as we ran errands?

This is February!!??

Our snowman is celebrating Mardi Gras a little early;)

So let’s make our own snow!

Measure out 6 cups of Crispy Rice or Rice Krispies…tastes the same.

Melt 1 stick of  Butter

Add a bag of marshmallows.


Add the cereal and mix well.    Butter your hands well and make about 1/4 cup balls after the mixture has cooled enough to handle, but still warm.

Fill a bowl with coconut flakes.

Make sure you have a really cute assistant to roll the cereal balls in the coconut.

Then dust with powdered sugar.

Then let set on parchment or wax paper.


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Let it snow!

Not a flake in the sky and nothing in the future according to the weather channel either…booooo!

So as most of my decorations are packed away until next year…I’m keeping out the snowmen for wishful thinking.

My mom and I agreed several  years ago that snowman should stay out past the New Year through January.

I’m not sure if it’s us wanting to hold on to the holidays.

Or waiting for that beautiful white landscape that is so breathtaking.


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