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We haven’t had the hottest summer.  But I’m anticipating those crisp mornings that have electricity in the air-  putting a spring in your step, a scarf around your neck and a Pumpkin Spice Latte in your hand!  Football has hijacked our TV and the Braves are trying to extend their season (Let’s Go BRAVOS!)  I’m anxious for the crunch of the leaves and my husband’s choice words for those leaves as they accumulate quickly throughout our yard.

This morning it was 62 degrees.


The beginning of fall is apple orchards, fall festivals and being out and about all weekend long.  The smell of apples, ciders and pumpkin bread fill the air.  I jumped out of bed and told the kids if they wanted to pick some apples today that we needed to get moving…because Momma wanted to be out in the beautiful weather!


Daddy had to work, so we couldn’t wait around for him.  When he’s not at work on the weekends he’s at a football game.  So we fit him in to our fun-filled fall weekends when we can.


This is the part the kids enjoy…riding John Deer tricycles, pig races and…


And petting zoos!

My two especially liked the kittens.


What is this face??!!  Did the baby chick bite her?  Is this her excited face?  Yikes!  This looks like one that belongs in the album to show the first boy who comes a courting;)


But this is what I enjoy….apple houses lining the roads, BBQ in gas stations and beautiful countryside to view as we drive the long and winding roads.  CoW!  over there….oh, you missed it.  (Sorry, we’re not used to seeing them;)


And this!  I love the fruit and the farm grown veggies.


Oh, and this good stuff…peach BBQ sauce, kettle corn, apple cider donuts and my absolute favorite….

Apple Fritters!


So now I must figure out what to do with all of these apples, and I’ve got a few good ideas so far.  Until then…


Happy Fall Y’all!!

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