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Happy Friday!!


Heading into the weekend, I thought I would share with you a drink I created on the spot for our tailgating at Ole Miss last weekend.  I was planning on making Blueberry Lemonade (from a previous post) and Peach Tea for the non drinkers.  I had started preparing the Peach Tea at my sister’s home, and she said…”do you want to add a little something to that?”

Roger that!


She pulled down a bottle that I had heard and seen some commercials for…. but had yet to find a need to buy.  Looks like I found one:)

It reminded me of the Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon that I used in another drink, the Firefly Bourbon Sunrise I made for our Mardi Gras shrimp boil earlier this year.  It is quite smooth and added just the right touch to my Southern concoction.  Most of my family does like a little something extra, so only a few virgin drinks wouldn’t be out of the norm.


I have been in love with jars now for awhile.  They  made the perfect vessels for a tailgate while allowing me to premix the drinks and transport them without incident.  I used the cardboard packaging that the jars came in.  The jars are quite durable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them.  And it’s more environmentally friendly than using plastic cups.  But the best part is that they are leak proof (if the lids are screwed on properly).

Back to the good stuff….


Fill the jar full of ice half full of tea.  (I used prepared tea for convenience)


Continue filling the jar almost to the top- gotta leave room for the HONEY.


Add your Jim Beam (a shot is perfect, but of course it’s up to your discretion) and your good to go.  What a sweet southern treat, with a smooth kick.

Have a great weekend and enjoy all of the football, tailgating and the fast approaching arrival of Fall.

I think we may head out to an Apple Orchard…

Quick shout out to my bestest friend for her birthday today!!!

Everything counts in large amounts:)

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